I bike Spokane t-shirts

Sorry for the fuzzy photo. That’s the shirt. It’s blank on the back.

It was designed by Klay-the-great.

Andy, down at Boo Radley’s is selling them. Not sure yet on exact cost. But I’m thinking probably $17. Don’t quote me on that if you go down there and they are $17.99!

We make $5 for each one. So go buy (at least) one!

I would think these might make for a great gift for out-of-town friend and family cyclist-types who miss rolling the easy streets of Spokane.

We did a run of 48. If they sell, we’ll keep doing it.

On the door front.

You didn’t really think we’d leave that behind did you? We love Tiffany art. We love Glen art. We love the bike sign hanging out front too. We’re taking it all with us to the new place.

We also love Jacque. He’s the most low-maintenance awesome dude I know. I can go without talking or seeing him for 6 months. And in a single weekend and call him asking for help. To wit:

P2P: “the database you built for us needs updating. Oh yeah, and the cash register you donated did weird stuff, can you fix that? You’re pretty good with tools, right? How about you run all over town, find a replacement door for the Tiffany door and then install it?”

Jacque: “Sounds great! I’ll call you if I need anything.”

Done. Done. and Done.

Wheel building class in April

You could be *this* happy!

We’re looking to do a one-night wheel building class sometime during the first week of in mid-April. We need 4 more people.

More information on the class is here. Please read this info before signing up.

But in a nutshell, it’s $25. You must buy wheel bits though to build up. Here are some example wheel prices. These are for rear wheels. Just as examples.

The budget do-all build:

Sun cr-18 rim: $28
wheelmaster straight gauge spokes, brass nipples: $20
deore LX or Tiagra rear hub: $45
total: $93

The slightly fancier, lighter build:

velocity synergy rim:$68
14/15 butted DT Competition, silver alloy nipples: $50
105 hub: $62
total: $180

The cheap bling fixed gear build:

velocity deep v colored/bling rim: $80
wheelmaster 14 gauge black spokes: $25
origin 8 black track/freewheel hub: $45
total: $150

Send us an email if you’re interested. Pedals2people@gmail.com

We love these guys!

This is Dylan. Not only is he a really fast (and lumber jacky) CX racer, he’s a web developer. He has ported our site over from our buddy Alex Wetmore’s basement to another hoster and he’s ported our platform to WordPress.

Here’s Alex:

Not only is Alex an expert tire changer — and really, he is (with a patch, he can replace a tire in well under 10 minutes, and we all know you must wait at least 5 minutes for the glue to vulcanize before adding air to a patched tube) — but he’s also the hoster of many websites and bike-related lists (bikelist.org, phred.org, etc).

So the new website is a port to WordPress. Note we have the ability to have pictures in our posts now! Yes. We shall henceforth commit to abuse this feature.

Alex and Dylan are both super nice righteous dudes that put in a lot of time in between their busy lives to help keep the virtual P2P online. Alex has put in at least 10 hours on this latest project and we sort of stopped counting after 30 hours for Dylan. This is huge and we so appreciate it.

We can now deal with comments too! So that gives you an opportunity to test out the new platform by thanking Alex and Dylan too.

Annual Meeting Highlights

Highlights from our annual meeting

120 bike builds

25 kids bikes given away

16 members

43 volunteers

20 committed volunteers

150 tuned up at free tune up events in Spokane

1700 volunteer hours

1370 visitors to the shop.

Awesome year for P2P! Thanks to everyone who made this all a reality!

Annual Meeting–Sunday November 7th

This year’s Annual public meeting will happen in early November

Where: 417 W Gordon

When: Sunday, Nov 7th

What time: 2-4 pm

What to bring: an appetizer to share

Why: to share your questions or comments and hear what’s up for P2P in the coming year.

We’d love to have you, and bring a friend too!

Classes This Fall at the P2P Shop

The perfect time to get to know your bike–FALL–and we’re offering much talked about maintenance classes:

basics/brakes, drivetrain, and wheel/hub class. Ck the calendar for all the details! You don’t want to miss these classes. When the riding is scarce, it’s time to dig in and tune your bike!

Seeking Board Member

P2P has an opening for our Member-at-Large board position. We are looking for someone who has previous board or committee experience, a person who is connected to the community and is interested in building up P2P and its place in Spokane. Since our inception in 2007, Pedals2People has organized 12 different community outreach events, tuned-up over 400 bikes, taught over 50 students bike mechanics, opened Spokane’s only DIY bike shop, and shipped 200 bikes to Africa.

We’re headed toward 2011 and beyond, and we need someone to complete our board. Please send us an email if you are interested!