Wheel building class in April

You could be *this* happy!

We’re looking to do a one-night wheel building class sometime during the first week of in mid-April. We need 4 more people.

More information on the class is here. Please read this info before signing up.

But in a nutshell, it’s $25. You must buy wheel bits though to build up. Here are some example wheel prices. These are for rear wheels. Just as examples.

The budget do-all build:

Sun cr-18 rim: $28
wheelmaster straight gauge spokes, brass nipples: $20
deore LX or Tiagra rear hub: $45
total: $93

The slightly fancier, lighter build:

velocity synergy rim:$68
14/15 butted DT Competition, silver alloy nipples: $50
105 hub: $62
total: $180

The cheap bling fixed gear build:

velocity deep v colored/bling rim: $80
wheelmaster 14 gauge black spokes: $25
origin 8 black track/freewheel hub: $45
total: $150

Send us an email if you’re interested. Pedals2people@gmail.com