What Goes Around Comes Around



Terri and Wayne, pic by Liza Mattana

Unity Center on 29th Ave and Bernard St. sent their youth group on a scavenger hunt last year. Groups started with small insignificant objects like pencils and were sent out into the neighborhood. Groups were told to bring these items with them and ask people if they had something bigger or better they could trade up for. They knocked on doors. They shared that the group who returned with the best item would win a small prize.

Two scavenger groups returned to Unity with the bikes pictured above. Plans were made but never materialized, so the bikes sat, unused.

Today, they were brought up from the basement. The 20″ girl and boy bikes are in good condition. They just need air in the tires, so Unity is now going to donate the bikes to P2P. We will fix them, making them safe and ride-able. They’ll be available for free, as all kid bikes are at the P2P shop, to anyone needing wheels.

Thank you Unity and the two anonymous families who donated these bikes. The cycle of giving and receiving keeps going.