Cheers to You!

Dear River City Brewery, friends, and bicycle enthusiasts, 

We know you love bikes. That’s why we love you.


Our fundraiser at River City Brewery on Monday, June 9th, couldn’t have been better.


Your root beers, IPAs, pale ales, stouts, and reds helped raise $305 to assist Pedals2People’s programs, which means more to empower you in the shop and in the community.


Thank you the ladies and gents who joined us on Monday!

140 pints (beer & root beer), 17 half-pints & 16 tasters = A Priceless Way to (Fun)draise with friends.

Gage, thank you for your generosity. Ben, thank you for helping Annie and Liza fix the Bianchi. We raise a glass to you both, our friends and supporters.

Pedal On.


Team Pedals2People