5th Annual BTW Energizer Station


The 2013 P2P-Sponsored energizer station for BTW week was the best attended ever. Everything was calm from 6:30 am to 7:30 am and volunteers Tara, Liza and John were feeling a little down about the lack of visitors. But as soon as 7:30 came around, the cyclists came rolling in. We saw 8 cyclists pass us going down the hill, and 17 commuters, 4 elementary students, and several friends on bikes who stopped at our station.


We really appreciated the hot coffee–thanks to Roast House and The Scoop, and cookies–from Super 1 Foods, this cold morning. The efforts of the BTW organizers really make Bike To Work week better every year.


Enjoy the rest of the BTW events. Hope to see you at No-Li on Friday evening!