We love these guys!

This is Dylan. Not only is he a really fast (and lumber jacky) CX racer, he’s a web developer. He has ported our site over from our buddy Alex Wetmore’s basement to another hoster and he’s ported our platform to WordPress.

Here’s Alex:

Not only is Alex an expert tire changer — and really, he is (with a patch, he can replace a tire in well under 10 minutes, and we all know you must wait at least 5 minutes for the glue to vulcanize before adding air to a patched tube) — but he’s also the hoster of many websites and bike-related lists (bikelist.org, phred.org, etc).

So the new website is a port to WordPress. Note we have the ability to have pictures in our posts now! Yes. We shall henceforth commit to abuse this feature.

Alex and Dylan are both super nice righteous dudes that put in a lot of time in between their busy lives to help keep the virtual P2P online. Alex has put in at least 10 hours on this latest project and we sort of stopped counting after 30 hours for Dylan. This is huge and we so appreciate it.

We can now deal with comments too! So that gives you an opportunity to test out the new platform by thanking Alex and Dylan too.

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