Many Thanks to our Supporters

You may have received a call or an email from us this month during our Winter Fund Drive. Donations of bikes/parts and cash have been low this winter. That reality, combined with slow winter traffic at our community bike shop and rising costs, inspired us to call on you–our long-time supporters: friends, family, P2P members, local clubs and business owners. And support us you did! You mailed checks, passed the hat, and went to our website to give online. Donations came in from western Washington, Minnesota and Pennsylvania as well as locally. Thanks guys!

We are more than half-way to our $3,000 goal, so we’ll continue to work on raising money this winter. Since our work isn’t done (is it ever??) you can continue to make online donations through our website.

We appreciate all that you’ve given to help Pedals. Your support goes a long way to keeping P2P’s doors open, free tune-up events happening, and cyclists with limited funds cycling. Many thanks to these supporters!

Mountain Gear
Microsoft (through matching funds)
Spokane Bike Club
Jon Snyder
Betsy Speare
Michael Zyskowski
Stine Hansen
Erik Erikson
Satish Shrestha
Wes & Carol Sanborn
Kelly Masjoan
Jamie Zyskowski
Paul Turner
Ken Paulman
Liza Mattana
Justin Becker
Hank Greer
Duane Nelson
Satish Shrestha
Travis Nichols
Marty Zyskowski
Brian Joyce
Andrew Sheridan
Gage Stromberg
Alex Wetmore
Cyrus McLean
John Griffith
Curt Bortel

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