Donate Your Dollars

Pedals2People depends on contributions to help with our programming and operations costs. Without financial support from the community, we could not offer the services that we offer. Pedals2People is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity.

Contributions to P2P are tax deductible and your employer can match funds donated to P2P as well.  Send contributions to:

1527 E 16th Ave Apt 1
Spokane, WA 99203

We will send you a receipt for your tax records.  Or, you can use PayPal:

Donate Your Bike & Parts

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Aside from volunteers, donated bikes and bike parts provide tremendous support to our organization.
We wish we could take everything, but we can’t. We’ve learned what works best for our programs over the last
few years, and as a result we can’t take all bikes or parts.

If you have a bike that you originally bought at a bike shop, then we’ll probably
be able to use it.

Please review our Bike Donation FAQ before you bring a bike to us.

Bikes can be donated at our shop located at 1527 E 16th Ave, during normal hours of operation.

*Please DO NOT drop off bikes when we are closed. This only encourages theft.

Donate Your Time

If you want to help Pedals2People, there are many things you can do!

If you are interested in anything listed here or feel like you might have
a service that could be helpful to us please come by the shop.


  • Recycling: Once a month we make a metal recycling run to Pacific Steel and Recycling or Earthworks. We need your vehicle and your help with this job! Recycling takes about an hour. Smaller loads can be brought by bike trailer too!
  • Wrencher: P2P always needs help from folks who are good with tools and wrenching
    on bikes. If you are a good teacher, this is extremely helpful too, as empowerment is central to our mission: using the bicycle as a tool to empower people.
  • Organizer, beautifier, greeter: If you don’t feel comfortable wrenching
    on bikes, we still need your help. In fact ORGANIZING is something we very much need! Greeting people, cleaning, and answering general questions at our shop is a huge help too. It allows our shop manager to teach with minimal interruptions.
  • Admin support: Web or graphic designer, grant writer, data entry. You don’t have to be a mechanic to contribute to P2P! We need help building the organization and with administrative support as well.
  • We like mad skilz. If you have skills you think we need, let us know.
  • More info on jobs here.

You need to complete a volunteer application before you can start volunteering. Complete and bring it to the shop, or you can fill out an application when you come in to volunteer.