Spokane to the rescue!

Pedals2People exists for everyone. Most of us who are heavily involved began volunteering because we liked bicycles, but most of us really stick around Pedals (as opposed to something else “bike-related”) because of the people who show up.
Children who have been riding on rims and are stoked to get some tires.
Adults who want a bicycle to keep up with their kids or change their lifestyle.
Old friends who have been coming for years.

But there’s always been a special place in my P2P heart for the travelers that come by the shop. We are a community space, and I usually think that means the Spokane community (because that’s usually who is using it), but the community model expands far beyond P2P, Spokane, and bicycles.
Andrew and Erica are friends from Eugene. They began their first BIG bicycle tour at the end of May in Winnemucca, NV and have since gone through Utah, along the continental divide, through most of Montana, and had plans to dip south of Spokane and head home through Eastern Oregon.

Until the weekend, when a motorcyclist driving too fast clipped one (or both? Like accident memories usually are, their details are a little hazy) of them and everyone landed in a heap (with 3 bikes — one motorized, two loaded with panniers — on top of Erica) in the middle of nowhere, Idaho.

Luckily, after a quick check at the local hospital, everyone is doing well. Andrew and Erica got a ride to Spokane to stay with family and recuperate, and asked if I knew a bike shop in town they could get their bikes checked up on.

A quick check revealed only an out-of-true disc brake rotor and a couple handlebar adjustments.

Erica and Andrew left today for Oregon, but were so impressed with the niche P2P has carved out of the Spokane community and were so grateful for an option that allowed themselves to be in control of their bicycles that had gotten them this far.

We really do have a lot to be proud of, Spokane.

Save travels!

Save travels!

Rubber side down,

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