Bicycles on lock

Fortunately, this time of year is when bicyclists get out!
Unfortunately, this time of year is when bicycle thieves get out too.

And from anecdotal evidence, it seems like this year the bad guys are out in force. Here are a couple quick tips for keeping your bicycle safe:
1. If at all possible, keep your bicycle inside at night.
2. Take a few minutes to assess the best place to lock your bicycle. Directly outside of a movie theater, for example, isn’t the best place. It is a pretty safe assumption you’ll be inside for two hours. Instead, walk a block away and park it in front of a restaurant patio where passive eyes deter potential thieves.
3. Have a good lock. Depending on where you lock up and how long your bicycle will be locked up, the general rule is spend 10-15% of your bicycle’s value on security.
4. Check how other bicycles around yours are locked up. If they’re all heavily secured and you have only a flimsy cable lock, your bicycle will likely be the target of that rack. Try and be the best locked bicycle in the rack!
5. Check out Sheldon Brown’s locking strategy page. If you have any other questions, want a visual tutorial, or just want to talk locks and other strategies, feel free to email Erik at He’s a lock nerd and a bike nerd. So locking bikes? Right up his alley.

One final note:
If something does happen to a bicycle of yours, remember you are the victim. Don’t put up with people who say “Well you shouldn’t have done…” or “You should have done…” Someone made a conscious decision to steal something of yours. While it is a sad fact, P2P does help a lot of people get rolling again after a stolen bicycle. Come by the shop, put up a flyer for your bike, and let’s get you rolling again.

And don’t forget to hydrate up this weekend!

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