When I decided to take up the task of getting the t-shirts screenprinted, I knew nothing about the actual act itself but felt like my overall excitement to find out would get me through. I found the world of screenprinting full of quirky-chic folk with incredible artistic talent and an intimidating cool persona that made me, the somewhat clutsy wanna-be bike commuter, look like a real nerd trying to talk printing with the pros. Thanks almost entirely to my dear friend – Ryan-Maiden Coleman captain of the “Pedal Pirates” (another bad-ass bike gang) – I was quickly schooled in the fine art of screenprinting. Ryan was a real trooper considering he had to put up with my unrelenting questioning…. lets just say that he is a very, very tolerant man. The rest of the thanks goes to the hospitable and gracious Jason Abrahamson of Landmark – – a screenprinting/skate/graphic design shop (and oh so much more). Needless to say, I am ready for round two! We are about to embark on a second printing process that should be equally exhilirating!

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