KHQ Bike Pickup Day

This morning Mike and I arrived at 7am to hand out bikes. What an enormous success. Each person that rode away with a bike also received a helmut from SCOPE. KHQ interviewed us live and we had 2 minutes of airtime this morning devoted to pedals2people and our mission.

* 83 working bikes given away

* In total over 100 bikes given away

*10 different people associated with Pedals2People donated over 60 hours of their time in the past two weeks

*Numerous community contacts were made and many offers of more bikes to come for others

I am attaching two pictures. One of the bikes before the recipients began picking them out and another picture of the people waiting for bikes!

Happy Riding!!!

More KHQ Pedal Pals

we spent another eventful night at the dishman dodge parking lot adjusting brakes, changing flats, tightening cranks, and evaluating bikes. man, we had some great help last night! mike was there again. i love how determined he is to see an issue through. he spent some quality time with a mongoose bmx. joe came back, and it was awesome having him there to determine which bikes we should work on and which bikes we should toss to the junk pike. ken returned with tools and tons of mechanical know-how. ben came out to help with tire changes. he was proud to discover that he could do it without tire irons :,,) amanda lended her bubbly energy to the tire changing crew, and shirley swaped a cracked tire for a shiny new one. john and i fixed and helped out where needed. at the end, we had one pod full of completed bikes and another pod filled for us to tackle later this week.

only a few more days to get these bikes ready to roll! we can always use more help. call john @ 981-3348 if you want to come out and wrench with us.

My New Ride

my new, old schwinn hollywood is taking the place of the old columbia as my parade and event ride, yay!!! it’s even challenging to take the place of my mixte as my favorite bike. i can’t stop riding it. i want to ride this bike everywhere, day and night. especially at night because it’s a made-for-chillin-in-the-summertime cruiser. i just don’t think it gets any better than this.

why i love this bike:

  1. curves. this bike was fillet brazed and the tubes gently meld into each other creating these beautiful, swooping lines.
  2. hub. it sports a bendix 2 speed, kick-back hub with a coaster brake that, to this day (with little maintenance, i’m guessing) is smooth and responsive.
  3. tires. the hollywood uses S-7, 26 X 1 3/4, 571 iso tires, and they’re fogiving on bumpy roads, gravel,etc.
  4. trail. lots of trail on this bike. i can ride it no-hands with my eyes closed. it really adds to the smooth riding.
  5. saddle. even after 50 years,the saddle has plenty of life left in it. it’s springy and wide enough to provide comfort and support.
  6. chrome. little bit of steel wool and the chrome sparkles. it cleans right up, so the handle bars, headset bits, cranks and chain ring shine.
  7. well-loved. the paint is worn off in places, and the brick-red primer is visible underneath. dents and scrapes show this bike was riden and enjoyed by its last owner.

tuesday afternoon i’m going to ride it over to josh scott’s vintage toy and bike shop, timebomb. i’m hoping Josh can tell me the year for the hollywood and some info about servicing the hub. i think i need to open up and repack it with grease, but i don’t know for sure. i can’t wait!

some more pictures here.

Summer Solstice Bike Fix Party

summer sun

so it wasn’t a “party” but we had lube and tools, popsicles and mini
bikes. kind of sounds like a party, doesn’t it? we celebrated bikes and
the summer solstice tonight. it was warm, but there was a breeze, and
the killdeers
loud call helped drown out the roaring of the cars on sprague and appleway.
when we left the parking lot at 8, the sun was still high in the sky.
too bad i had to haul 4 bike stands and all the tools; it was a
beautiful night for a ride.

kathleen, mike, ken and i met at dishman
dodge in spokane valley to fix up bikes for the pedal pals bike give-away,
co-sponsored by KHQ and DD. the bikes will be given away on saturday,
june 30th, and the regional health department will throw in free
helmets with each bike. pretty cool.

Our First Bike Tune Up Event

We went to West Central Community Center yesterday and fixed up some bikes. All up, we had about a dozen bikes come in. It was a perfect first event. I was a bit worried that we’d be overwhelmed and unable to help folks out. But the weather was kinda sucky and it was Father’s Day, so the 2 hour-slot we filled was just right. Folks came in a nice gentle stream.

We had 6 volunteers, four work stands, and enough tools. We brought the right tools. We went through a few cables, some housing, a couple tubes, and two tires. Stuff we need to bring next time are saddles and chains.

One family came in that had some pretty rough bikes. One was a Schwinn World tour from Goodwill, one was a really cool old Italian racer from 1974 that the woman had bought with her first tax return, and the girl’s bike was the one in the picture there that Ken fixed up. It was great to get these bikes running again. The father said it was one of his best Father’s Day presents yet. Cool.

This week and next we’ll be spending evening fixing up bikes for the KHQ Kids Bike Drive. There are about 50 bikes waiting for us in portable storage containers. I’ll be going out there with Joe and Kathleen tonight to take inventory and see what we need to fix. If you’ve got time to help in the next couple weeks, I know we’ll need it. Check out our events calandar here and look for “KHQ” in the title if you want to help out.

Local Flair Street Fair

whoo-hoo!!! what a fun party hosted by Fresh Abundance! the steet fair celebrated homegrown talent and brought local farmers, artists, and non-profits together. and because it happened in our neighborhood, it felt like a huge block party : ,,)

by our estimates, we talked to 50 people about pedals2people: some folks from out of town (deer park, chewelah, colville), some old, some young, some cyclists (a husband and wife on a recumbent tandem and their daughter and granddaughter on a santana tandem), some not into biking at all. this was a great oppurtunity for us to hone our mission statement, or at least fine-tune the delivery of our group’s mission. it went something like this…”we want to get more people on bikes. we’re doing mellow weekly rides, teaching classes, and going around the community to fix up bikes for free. we also collect old bikes, fix and donate them to people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford them.”

we also set up a booth for the first time. by chance, we placed ourselves next to ingrid. ingrid is from sweden, and she’s also one of our neighbors who is a year-round bike commuter. it was nice to finally meet the woman we often see riding by on her way to wilson elementary with her daughter and pedaling to the corner grocery store. anyhoo, we had more than enough info to pass out, more than enough accessories and tshirts to sell. having the family tandem and mixte on display was a nice conversation starter. the floor pump came in handy airing up tires. i think a good thing to have that we forgot was contact infomation for people that were interested in advocacy. next time we will have a list of web addresses for the Bicycle Advisory Board and maybe a few other local orgs.

Connecting the City Update

Last night I spent 3 hours at the SAC Center with 50 individuals with concerns like mine. The Bicycle Advisory Board was well represented, as was the City Council (Mary Verner and Joe Shogan were in attendance). The city planning department, the engineering department, the State Health Board, The Department of Transportation and many many others were in attendance. It was great to see so many different representatives with different viewpoints discuss ways to make Spokane a more Bike Friendly town.

There were a few major themes and ideas that came out of each and every group as reports were made back from small groups to the group as a whole. I will touch on a few of these that make the most sense to communicate to others. Howard Street from Riverfront Park up to Five Mile needs to be marked with bike lanes the entire way. There is currently construction being done on SE Blvd., it would be easy at this point for the city to make SE Blvd entirely marked with bike lanes. I think a mass email / phone campaign to our Mayor right now would possibly get stripes put on SE Blvd!!!!!

In addition to bike lanes it was agreed upon by a significant majority of people that there is a need for a connection from Sprague to the Riverpoint campus non motorized vehicles. Also a topic of discussion was connecting the Ben Burr trail to the Centennial Trail. An interesting discussion arose around lack of sidewalks in Spokane. A map on the wall showed how development in the 1960’s stopped requiring sidewalks and this has disjointed entire neighborhoods.There were many more great topics discussed but the above are just a few of the items. There are future meetings that will hopefully lead to action and my next post will be focused on what “you can do” to make Spokane and safer and more friendly bike town.Happy Riding!!!!! Ben…….

Connecting the City

Hi all, my name is Ben and am having an excellent time being involved with Pedals2People.

The parade was very fun and we are all looking forward to many more cool events. A few of us will be at an event on Thursday titled “Connecting the City”. This is a community workshop designed to discuss pedestrian and bicycle mobility in our community. It is taking place this Thursday (June 14th) from 5pm to 8pm at Riverpoint. I was just informed that there are a few more slots available (capacity is 60 people) so if you would like to attend email Melissa Eadie at and tell her you are interested. She will provide you with the rest of the information.

Happy Riding :,,)



my thanks goes out to Outspokane for organizing an amazing pride parade! the week’s worth of community-building, awareness-raising, pride-boosting events that they hosted before the parade were great too. hopefully, we can collaborate more with these folks next year and get a pride ride on the schedule of events for pride week. for now, i’m just happy we were able to get an awesome bunch of people together to ride in the parade with us. thanks to everyone who joined us. i had a great time :,,)

john’s photos

mike’s photos


my fuji mixte

one male pheasant hiding

one canadian goose family grazing

one pink bike laying in the river

one can of coors sitting

one old guy fishing for trout

one california quail perched on a railing

one cat hunting a tasty morsel

one public pool filled and ready for action

one carousel twirling

one downtown fountain gushing

one thursday nite rider riding