Local Flair Street Fair

whoo-hoo!!! what a fun party hosted by Fresh Abundance! the steet fair celebrated homegrown talent and brought local farmers, artists, and non-profits together. and because it happened in our neighborhood, it felt like a huge block party : ,,)

by our estimates, we talked to 50 people about pedals2people: some folks from out of town (deer park, chewelah, colville), some old, some young, some cyclists (a husband and wife on a recumbent tandem and their daughter and granddaughter on a santana tandem), some not into biking at all. this was a great oppurtunity for us to hone our mission statement, or at least fine-tune the delivery of our group’s mission. it went something like this…”we want to get more people on bikes. we’re doing mellow weekly rides, teaching classes, and going around the community to fix up bikes for free. we also collect old bikes, fix and donate them to people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford them.”

we also set up a booth for the first time. by chance, we placed ourselves next to ingrid. ingrid is from sweden, and she’s also one of our neighbors who is a year-round bike commuter. it was nice to finally meet the woman we often see riding by on her way to wilson elementary with her daughter and pedaling to the corner grocery store. anyhoo, we had more than enough info to pass out, more than enough accessories and tshirts to sell. having the family tandem and mixte on display was a nice conversation starter. the floor pump came in handy airing up tires. i think a good thing to have that we forgot was contact infomation for people that were interested in advocacy. next time we will have a list of web addresses for the Bicycle Advisory Board and maybe a few other local orgs.

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