Sunday Oct 23–Moving Day!

October 23  is Moving Day–need people to help haul and move to our new location. Cars, trucks, bikes are all helpful.  Lunch provided (drinks and candy too!). Where? 1802 E Sprague  to 1527 E 16th Ave.  We’ll meet at 10am. Help Us Move!!!

I bike Spokane t-shirts

Sorry for the fuzzy photo. That’s the shirt. It’s blank on the back.

It was designed by Klay-the-great.

Andy, down at Boo Radley’s is selling them. Not sure yet on exact cost. But I’m thinking probably $17. Don’t quote me on that if you go down there and they are $17.99!

We make $5 for each one. So go buy (at least) one!

I would think these might make for a great gift for out-of-town friend and family cyclist-types who miss rolling the easy streets of Spokane.

We did a run of 48. If they sell, we’ll keep doing it.

On the door front.

You didn’t really think we’d leave that behind did you? We love Tiffany art. We love Glen art. We love the bike sign hanging out front too. We’re taking it all with us to the new place.

We also love Jacque. He’s the most low-maintenance awesome dude I know. I can go without talking or seeing him for 6 months. And in a single weekend and call him asking for help. To wit:

P2P: “the database you built for us needs updating. Oh yeah, and the cash register you donated did weird stuff, can you fix that? You’re pretty good with tools, right? How about you run all over town, find a replacement door for the Tiffany door and then install it?”

Jacque: “Sounds great! I’ll call you if I need anything.”

Done. Done. and Done.

Big Move

It’s official–we’re moving shop on the 23rd, from 10-2! We’ll be all packed (promise!), and we’ll just need your muscle, bike, car or truck to help us move to our new space on 1527 E 16th. Come help for an hour or the whole time. Lunch provided!

FREE stuff

So much freeeee stuff! The front part of our space is full. We are moving on the 23 (mark your calendars, you can help!) so we’re clearing out inventory–stems, handle bars, forks, bikes (need some love), bike carriers (for your car), wheels, tires, clothing.

Please come by and fill up a shopping bag or two!

So Many Bikes

Wow, we have so many great  bikes in the shop right now.  A cute lemon-yellow ladies Schwinn Breeze came in and is looking for a new home. Lots of mtn bikes, and a beautiful Trek road bike. Come in for a test ride today and check them out!

cold mate with lemon is terere


Well, it is with great pleasure I remind everyone that tomorrow is our last Free Tune-Up Day of the year. Noon-Four, Kids First, All Are Welcome, Vegan Food. It is also my last day with P2P. It has been simply wonderful.