Cycling Photos

Oy! Spokane Pedalers. A photograph our P2P President took of his Daughter Gabrielle (Gabby) has made it as a finalist into a contest. Help him win a cool bicycle jersey by voting for for it. If he wins he’ll wear it during the Annual meeting in May (instead of a Hawaiian shirt).

Here’s the link…

It’s the photo titled Gabby.

It kinda made me think…

Mayhaps *we* should have a cycling related photo contest.

Earth Day Spokane Saturday April 21st

From 10am -11pm on Main St. between Division & Brown. Playing music: B Radicals, Angela Salmon, Angela Marie Project, Citizen Arms, and Folkinception. Staffing an information table for Pedals2People: ???? Who will join us in celebrating Earth Day by promoting biking and the DIY Bike Shop? We hope YOU will step up and step out. Dance to the music. It’s a new unity. Peace brothers and sisters.

Spokane Bike Swap a success!

Thank you so much all you wonderful, generous folks who volunteered your time and expertise last weekend at the first annual Bike Swap. It was a great event and exceeded everyone’s expectations. Bikes were flying out of there faster than they could be put out, and there were some great deals on used parts and accessories. We got our space for free, sold some bikes, and gave out a lot of information to folks who either didn’t know about us or didn’t know where we’d moved. Next year will be even better! Thank you, thank you, great people!

The Winds Of Change

It’s been a while since we’ve really communicated with you and thought this would be a good time to let you know what’s going on.

There’s been a lot of changes since we’ve moved to the Perry neighborhood.  A new President, Volunteer Coordinator, shop remodel and more.

But what’s been happening behind the scenes and how does it affect you?

First of all, the move to the Perry location at 16th and Helena has been wonderful.  We like being part of a family neighborhood with better parking and a newly reorganized shop.

But what’s up with the change in shop hours and prices?

Since our inception and days in the residential garage without heat and minimal lighting we’ve hardly increased our prices. Our first “real” shop was the one on Sprague where rent was cheap (-er than it is now) and stand/tool rental started at $5/hr.  Since then we’ve upgrade locations, equipment and personnel.

What changes are you making?

First of all effective Thursday,  March 22nd prices will change.   Shop rates go from $5/hr to $7.50/hr, membership changes to $60/year (from $50).  This won’t be a quick fix and certainly will not cure all our woes, but it’ll certainly help.

Why are the hours changing?

In looking at the use trend, Friday’s have been hideous with few visits and fewer sales.  The survey recently published shows Sundays from noon till 4 was the clear request for an opening.

Is that all you’re going to do?

No!  Personally I plan on eating better and exercising more.  While that won’t generate income I’ll certainly feel better.  On a more P2P note we’re going to push for some more memberships, increase marketing so people know we’re here and have at  least one fund raiser.

On the fund raising note we’re going to do a Flat Tire silent auction in October.  If you have something you can donate (including time) send me an e-mail at

What can I do to help?

Become a member.  Volunteer at events this summer.  Donate to the Flat Tire auction.   Ride your bike and come by the shop and tune it up.

So that’s where we’re at right now. We love the growth and along with it the new bicycle routes we’re paving.

Till later,

Jacque – Out

Shop Hours Changing

Effective April 1st our hours will be Thursday 2 – 7, Saturday’s 10 – 6 and Sunday 12 – 4. Closed Fridays.

Why? After researching the shop use, Fridays have consistently been a loss for us.

mountian hut

refugio whymper, at 5000m, is high camp for climbers on mt. Chimborazo and the start of an amazing 50k mtb decent

the dead remains of emotional theft

hungry sheep eats jesus flower

jungle hut

i did not get a picture of the flight, but this dude just launched himself off about 17 stairs. stripes! word

only the second tube repair in five months came for my buddy martin on the coast of ecuador

casa de martin

comida de martin

baño de martin

2 things

1. Pedals2People is now open from 12-4 on Fridays.  Now you can come tune up your bicycle and still have HOURS of sunlight to ride in.

2. TOMORROW (March 10) all complete bicycles at Pedals2People are 10% off!!  Singlespeeds, bicycles for kids, commuters, knobby tired beasts, EVERYTHING.  11am to 5:30 TOMORROW ONLY!!