Shop–Closed Memorial Day for Business–OPEN for cleaning

tool bench

The P2P shop will be closed this Thursday, Saturday and Sunday for business.

BUT, we’ll be open for sorting and organizing. When the shop is organized it’s easier for everyone to use, and that’s our goal. Come by and volunteer a couple hours–no mechanical skills needed! Getting parts and tool benches sorted are high on our list of things to do.
Thursday 2-7
Saturday 12-7
Sunday 12-4

If you have a vehicle, drive it. Drivers needed to make recycling runs to Pacific Steel and Recycling or down to UGM to donate extra tires and parts.

If you have a label maker, bring it. You can label parts containers and buckets.

If you like to make cookies, bake ’em and bring them. Our volunteers will appreciate it.

Thanks–this is your community bike shop, and we couldn’t do this without your help!

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