Traffic Skills 101 Class – Registration Open Now

Bike safety class information from City of Spokane Bike/Pedestrian Coordinator Grant Wencel.

Bicycle Traffic Skills 101 – Scholarships Available
“Even after 4,000 miles of bike touring and three years of bike commuting in Washington, D.C. I learned so much in this class I became an instructor” ~ Cindy Green
Bicycling to work, run errands, or for exercise can be safe and enjoyable. The League of American Bicyclists “Smart Cycling – Traffic Skills 101” class gives cyclists the confidence they need to ride safely, and legally, on streets. Learn principles of riding with traffic, predicting and avoiding motorist errors, bike handling skills, basic bicycle maintenance, and essential gear. The class is taught by certified instructors and includes a student manual. Recommended for adults and children above age 15, students age 15 to 17 must have a parent present. Class hours are spent both in the classroom and on street settings to prepare cyclists for a full understanding of vehicular cycling. Bring a bike in good condition and a helmet. One class is for women only.
The cost to you for this class is $10, is a non-refundable registration fee. The value of the class is $50. The City of Spokane will provide a $40 scholarship for each participant from the Comprehensive Educational Program grant awarded to help reduce pedestrian and bicyclist collisions.

To reserve your spot visit and choose Spokane Bicycle Traffic Skills and select your class dates.

Class dates: May 15 & 21; May 30, June 6 & 13; June 5 & 9, and June 21 & 23.

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