This time of year a lot of people and organizations think hard about where or who to give  to.

The altruistic thoughts and actions of the people out there are truly warming.  It’s difficult.  Times are tough.  Businesses as well as people are working harder and longer every day just to make ends meet.

That’s why we at P2P are consistently surprised to find dollars and silver in the donation jar, time provided in the shop and the larger donations provided at the register.

It’s the latter I’d to address here.

One day as we were working on paperwork from the Shop we noticed a $200 donation from Brad B. from Seven2 Interactive.  Whoa!  Then, the next day there was ANOTHER $200 from Bradley.  Holy Smokes!

We had to do a little bit of searching but finally found him.   Let’s say here that Seven2 seems like a pretty dang good company.  How many of us can say we work for or even know of a company that gives every one of it’s employees $400 give to the charity of their choice?

It's OUR favorite time of year too!

Click the pic for information on Seven2's Christmas Donations

Then, after what very well may be the coolest company in the history of Spokane is done providing their o-so-dang awesome employees $400 to give to charities they get to to tell everyone about it.   Here’s what Bradley had to say and Pedals2People is saying here….

Thank you Bradley and thank you Seven2 Interactive!




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