An Odd Way of Thinking

Felicitations fellow bicyclists!

Now that I’ve got ya’ll thinking that I’m some sort of British Aristocrat, feel free to read on as I quickly remove that thought from your mind.

Some of you may may know me from FBC rides, Wheels and Deals yard sale rides, my old blog or maybe we’ve just had a conversation at someones house where we met.  Spokane is after all, a rather small(ish) town.

Anyway, my name is Jacque (Jack) Hendrix.  The new President of P2P.  I’ll be continuing the brave mission began by Liza Mattana and John Spear.  To spread the word of the bicycle, make repairs learn-able and easy and assist our community with safe, fun and sustainable modes of transportation.

Now, on to the title of this post…..

The other day I walked down the street to represent us (P2P) at the South Perry Business and Neighborhood Association meeting.  Upon arrival, it was determined that I’m a knucklehead and didn’t note that there was no meeting this month.

During the walk back home in the 19 degree weather I was thinking, “What will I do with this extra 2 1/2 hours before “The Girl” gets home?”   Not being used to such free time, I was at a bit of a loss.  A number of my options involved getting in my vehicle and driving somewhere.  All of which ended up with, “It’s too cold, I don’t want to sit inside a cold car.”   But oddly enough, the thought of getting on my bike and riding somewhere sounded just fine to me.

This is just how I think.  My mind really does tend to wander.  It’ll start on one tract, follow that thread till something else….

No really, I *can* pay attention

Where were we?    Oh well,

Till later,

Jacque – Out


P.S.  I ended up at my computer writing this Blog Post drinking a hot chocolate and occasionally throwing the cloth frisbee for across the house for the dog.


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