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Hola amigos! It has been a bit of time since the last post.  Well, that is because so many great things have keep me from computer using, and Pedals is cranking!

thanks glen.

Since June I’ve created something I call you-tube. It’s where you come in and patch one of these rubber circles, and you get to use if for what ever you want. FREE!

Liza, el presidente, found five fabulous young riders today.

What else is free are our kids bikes, and soon, kids helmets too. Liza nursed quite a few back to health today, and, in conjunction with the web, was able to move them through the glass display and onto the streets. Accompanied by smiles.

treasure from he whose pronoun is only an r away

We try to help people with whatever they need and sometimes they are hungry, so today we feed them vegan jelly granola bars, with lithium icing.

wilson is back!

I freaking love friends! We had so many stop by today, too many to make silly reference to, but yet again did Wilson the traveler wander amongst the stationary.

2 speed kicker, needing some 571 rubber that's thicker

A great diversity of projects too. There were so many people enthusiastically participating in community today. Fixing, changing, donating!

feast on that bridgestone nerds!

Margaret, I believe was her name, came in with two decked out bikes. Real utilitarian rides. I glanced at the first, got excited, and just stared at the second. I had to ask her several times if she was seriously just dropping off an mb zip, turned out she was. Don’t all come knocking just yet , we’re going to play with it first!

i think the two of us pretty much hate and love this bike

I had the pleasure of assisting Rachael Mooter, sister to Bethany Mooter, as she revived the bicycle Bethany was riding on the night of her accident. It was emotional. I expected it to be so somber, so symbolic, and instead of the sad catharsis I predicted in my mind, we found it enjoyable. We both admitted to dreaming of this bicycle’s demise, but instead we both laughed and I got to hear a few stories of Bethany’s recovery room antics.

the wall was almost empty yesterday

Well, there are a bunch of bikes to be ridden. Come by, we’ll have a good time. And after, Lilly will explain the secret of living a joyous life to us all, and how to make really good applesauce.


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