Swell Saturday, Pulsar Charger

If you need a pair of steel drops, head to earthworks, we gave them plenty.

we got it done, five trailers, no polution eggs

Additionally, Jeff helped out a ton.


We were able to clean a lot before some great jobs came in.

so much degreasing and regreasing

John had a couple warm-shower-bike-touring-across-the-country in town this week, they came by.

spindle from red bike in above picture

z completed his project yesterday too.

mostly swapped over parts made this into a sweet recycled ride

i did it again! my freaking body is so mad at me right now.

what phil collins' hands look like after playing that one song

Joy in toil?

don't dance it down yet!

Now, i’m thinking about the time i built legos on the ferry to orcas with my dad.

bears and boots! my fingers are too small! appaloosa!

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