Bethany Mooter

The community around Bethany is strong, our energy is exciting, and her progress is positive. As she fights in the hospital there are numerous events coming together to alleviate the cost of her care.

Behind the Checkerboard Tavern this weekend you will find a massive yard sale where people across the community have donated their belongings.

Tonight, also at the checkerboard (and tended by her good friends Jeff, Jeff, and Savana), you can hear some excellent local music from Ian Miles and The Terrible Buttons; all proceeds for Beth.

I’ve known Bethany for quite some time, and though efforts often seem futile, I needed to find another way to help if I could, and late last night I was given permission to donate all the proceeds from our shop tomorrow to the cause.

So, for those of you interested in following this wonderful lady’s progress, her parents have created a blog with the most recent information:

Please come by the shop tomorrow. John and I will be working our butts off to help people and bring her family as much aid as we can. If this method is not your style, please consider donating directly via their blog, or by attending any of the benefit events.

It’s painful, and quite hard, for me to say much more, but Bethany was a great gal. She was a friend, and an advocate of life. More times than I can remember did she haul an individual, deserving or not, back from troubled times, even death, and I’d like to do the same for her.

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