Free Bike Tune-Up at the South Perry Street Fair

i saw an old friend, lisa, at the free tune-up event today. she was with her family at the fair. zoe showed me her balloon doggie. lisa came over to say hi, and asked if i always worked. the last time we saw each other was when she stopped by where i work to ask about a new bike. she was smiling when she asked me this question, and i smiled when i responded, “this isn’t work. this is fun!”

ask any of the P2P volunteers that were there today, and they’ll tell you the same thing: we had a ball! it’s exhausting, rewarding, satisfying, and totally enjoyable to do a tune-up event. but a lot like when you cook a yummy meal for your friends. you feel happy providing something homemade that brings people together and nurtures the soul. i feel the same way about these tune-up events. we provide something good, but we get so much happiness in return. beth, mike,john,ken, ben, jace and klay worked so smoothly together today. it was awesome being a part of it all.

The Shop hosted us at their spot from 10-2, just like they did last year. Thanks guys for the awning, the bottomless container of cold water, and the huge chunk of space in your parking lot. don’t forget to check out the summer movies at the Shop this summer. Top Gun shows tonight at dusk!

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  1. What a beautimous mission, what a groovtastic group! I saw that no one had yet commented on the fine contribution P2P made to the community building events that coincide during our little “South Perry Street Summer Fair.” I have to say THANK YOU! I brought my bike and a neighbor’s bye the P2P set-up at The Shop on Saturday. What a joy it was to see so many sweaty smiling volunteers happily giving. Likewise, it was a joy to see that so many in the area took advantage of the opportunity. What a gift!

    You guys rock. I’ll be dropping in some time to shop, donate, buy…what ever. Also will be talking about you guys for a long time to come.

    From South Perry,
    Thank you.

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