Late Winter 08 Update

A quick run down of what’s cooking:

  • We’re doing a bike donation drop off for the valley at Ron’s Drive in on Sprague. If you have an adult bike to donate and you live in the valley and you don’t want to make the long haul up to the south hill, then stop by Ron’s Drive In (12502 E. Sprague) on Sat, March 22nd from 10-3. Please bring adult bikes that are repairable. We can’t take kid’s bikes at the moment.
  • Our first Free Bike Tune Up is going to be April 26th at the West Central Community Center. The tune up event is part of a broader bike rodeo being run by Bob Lutz (the BAB one, not the GM knucklehead), which in turn, is part of a broader event that apparenlty happens once a year at AM Cannon Park. More info on that is forthcoming.
  • We have a phone! And a phone a number: 509-842-6597. Call and leave a message.
  • We’ve got a reworked website on the way. Cool.

We’ve got some stuff in the works; we’re looking at bike tune up events in Hillyard and East Central this summer — we want to tie them to other events that are happening in those neighborhoods. More on that soon. Bike to Work week is coming; we’ll be doing bike triage/minor repairs for that. We’re working on a food fundraiser with Apple Charlotte Cooking Co for June 22nd. Stay tuned for more on that. Our calendar is up to date.

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