Bike Donation

This bike is a Bruce Gordon. On the quality bike scale, Bruce Gordon bikes are way up there. This bike was donated to to P2P about a week ago.

If you know bikes and you know how special Bruce Gordon bikes are, you’d probably assume that the guy who donated this to us was an eccentric millionaire that just got tired of his bike. The fact is, this bike was donated to us by a bike mechanic from REI. He’s one of those monk-type dudes that just live super simply. This was his main ride for the last couple years. He recently picked up a Marin. He moved all the parts that were on this bike onto the Marin, and put all the Marin parts onto the Bruce Gordon.

We’ll likely strip the bike down and sell the frame set + front Bruce Gordon rack (likely the best production front low rider rack around) as a set. The components don’t really match the frame quality-wise, so a person that would buy the frame would likely ditch the components anyway. We can use the new components on other bikes in our shop.

To the guy the donated this bike: thanks.

Hopefully this bike will help pay for a good chunk of our 501(c)(3) application process, which may not sound so sexy, but it is the most important short term step to P2P’s long-term financial security.

The Point

This is a public apology to a guy we angered. His anger is not without merit.

Through no ill-will or bad intent, he became the target of jokes at P2P — simply because he got a good deal on a used bike part at the P2P garage. That’s the extent of his action here. Through shop talk and working on bikes and fussing and bs’ing, the deal he got became blown into a unkind and unfair attack on him, a guy we barely know.

I (John) am ultimately to blame for this.

Tonight, the episode culminated into a confrontation that I perpetuated.

That sucks. And I’m sorry.

But I also am indebted to this guy for calling me and P2P out on this. He called me an elitist.

As is often the case when your called out, and called out honestly, you are defensive. It took me the ride home to realize that his charge certainly has an element of truth. Actually it took me a couple blocks to see that, and the rest of the ride to think about what to do.

I’m not 100% sure what to do with this information yet. But I do know, after listening to him tonight that he loves bikes. And if our goal is to get as many folks on bikes as we can, then alienating the people that already love bikes will not get us very far with our goal.

We can not have an attitude or perception of exclusion. We must fix this.

Bike Donation Drop Off in the Valley March 22nd

Contact: Liza Mattana, Pedals 2 People board president;; (509-456-4681)

Event Date: Sat March 22nd; 10am-3pm

Place: Ron’s Drive In, 12502 E. Sprague, Spokane Valley

Pedals 2 People (P2P) will be accepting adult bike donations at Ron’s Drive In in the Spokane Valley on Saturday March 22nd, from 10am-3pm.

Pedals 2 People is accepting adult bikes in repairable condition for our spring and summer programs.

Important: At this time, we are not accepting children’s bike donations.

Donated bikes will go to one of the following programs:

  • Village Bike Project: P2P has partnered with the Village Bike Project to ship over 400 surplus bikes from the Spokane region to Ghana, Africa. Our goal is to ship in September.
  • Commuter bikes: some bikes are refurbished by P2P volunteers and sold at reduced/subsidized rates to folks that cannot otherwise afford high-quality commuter bikes.
  • Fundraising: some bikes are sold to fund other P2P projects, such as free neighborhood tune-ups and other out-reach events.

Bike Donations are also accepted at the P2P garage every Monday/Wednesday night from 6-8 pm. For directions to the P2P garage contact us at, or you can call us at 509-842-6597.

Next Drop-off Event: West Central Community Center, April 26th.

About Village Bike Project: Village Bicycle Project came about in response to a critical lack of basic reliable, affordable transport for millions of Africans. When the only other choice is walking, bicycles are a tool of development,improving access to farms,market, jobs, schools, and health care.

VBP provides donated used bikes, new tools and repair training, building the capacity of bicycles to sustainably become the transport mode of choice for thousands of Africans, where over 99% of the population cannot afford cars.

The project started in Ghana in 1999, when David Peckham (Director)) went there to study ways to make bicycles more accessible. He found several ways to make a real difference and the Village Bicycle Project was born.

More information about Village Bike Project can be found at

About Pedals to People: Our mission is to use the bicycle as a tool to empower people and build healthier communities. We believe that the bicycle is an approachable, healthy and sustainable option for transportation, and most importantly, it provides a purely enjoyable activity that can strengthen bonds between people. Pedals 2 People also works to connect with other organizations in order to further extend its ability to recycle, reuse and rehabilitate bicycles back into local communities as well as communities abroad.

Contact us at for more information. Or you can call us at 509-842-6597.

Further information about Pedals 2 People can be found at

Late Winter 08 Update

A quick run down of what’s cooking:

  • We’re doing a bike donation drop off for the valley at Ron’s Drive in on Sprague. If you have an adult bike to donate and you live in the valley and you don’t want to make the long haul up to the south hill, then stop by Ron’s Drive In (12502 E. Sprague) on Sat, March 22nd from 10-3. Please bring adult bikes that are repairable. We can’t take kid’s bikes at the moment.
  • Our first Free Bike Tune Up is going to be April 26th at the West Central Community Center. The tune up event is part of a broader bike rodeo being run by Bob Lutz (the BAB one, not the GM knucklehead), which in turn, is part of a broader event that apparenlty happens once a year at AM Cannon Park. More info on that is forthcoming.
  • We have a phone! And a phone a number: 509-842-6597. Call and leave a message.
  • We’ve got a reworked website on the way. Cool.

We’ve got some stuff in the works; we’re looking at bike tune up events in Hillyard and East Central this summer — we want to tie them to other events that are happening in those neighborhoods. More on that soon. Bike to Work week is coming; we’ll be doing bike triage/minor repairs for that. We’re working on a food fundraiser with Apple Charlotte Cooking Co for June 22nd. Stay tuned for more on that. Our calendar is up to date.