"Pedal Power to the People"

Alison Boggs, spokesman review reporter, titled her recent article “pedal power to the people.” in the picture above you see Tim Bordwell, smiling and happy with his choice of wheels. it really was a pedal-powerful experience donating bikes to local teens in need.

when mike and i arrived at crosswalk to deliver bicycles, tim wasted no time coming over to check out the selection. he thanked us. he helped us unload the bikes, and he kept flashing that smile. tim got first pick of the 9 bikes we donated to crosswalk last thursday

tim, a client of crosswalk, wants to find work, but he doesn’t have bus fare to pay for transportation to the job interviews. it’s a vicious cycle…no money for the means to get to work, leads to not getting the job. no job equals no money for transportation.

tim has experience in food service, and he hopes to find restaurant work again soon. now that he has a bike, he can accept work that was out of the question before. with dependable transportation,he can work a late shift or arrive before the buses start their routes in the early morning. with a bike,tim doesn’t need money for gas or a bus pass. and that means more money in his pocket. now, he can create a new cycle…one where he pedals his way to independence.

Ayamye Showing This Thursday in CdA

Ayamye is the documentary about the Village Bike Project:

In Ghana, West Africa, a rural village eagerly awaits a shipment of recycled bicycles from the United States. Inspiring, determined, resourceful, individuals let us into their daily lives in a dramatic look at how lack of transportation can impact the education, health and livelihood of the community.

This is a great film and shows the incredible impact bicycles have on families and local economies of rural Africa. Well worth loading up and carpooling over to CdA to view.

When: Thursday Jan 17th; 7 PM

Where: NIC Meyer Health and Science Bldg, Room #106.

Sponsored by Doma; NIC; Vertical Earth; and Palouse Clearwater Environmental Institute.

Let's Go Downtown

We’ve got a great space up on the south hill. It’s great because it’s free and secure and big enough. But it’s just so far away from the center of town that it makes it hard to get to by bike. We really want a DIY shop in a more central location. I love this building downtown:

It’s in the alley between Lincoln and Monroe and 1st and 2nd. One of those old garages would be ideal. The place looks empty. But judging by the shape the building is in, it’s likely condemned and would require a bunch of improvements… but maybe not?

The idea with a DIY shop would be to have a small shop where folks could come in and rent a space to fix their bike. Rental would be by the hour and would allow you to put your bike up in a stand and use the tools. You do the work.

A space more centrally located would also make it easier for people to get to our bike maintenance classes and provide a better place for bike donation drop offs.

A comment on comments

We had to turn the comments off because the spam was getting overwhelming. This is free software. I think with an upgrade we can get some “prove your not a robot” functionality which would all but eliminate spam comments. Or we could go to blogspot. You can contact us by hitting the contact link on the right or by emailing us at pedals2people@gmail.com.

Garage Nights and a Preliminary Plan for Free Bike Tune Ups

Item #1 — Just a reminder: P2P Garage is only open Weds nights (6-8 pm) until March. Our first Weds of the year will be Jan 9th.

We are still taking bike donations. Info on bike donations here.

Calendar is here.

Item #2 — We are in the midst of planning the Spring/Summer Free Bike Tune Up events. We’ll be doing 4 events + the Spokane Bike To Work bike inspections/triage.

The four neighborhoods on the short list for bike tune up events are:

– East Central (Jacob’s Well)

– Perry District (The Shop)

– Hillyard (North East Community Center)

– Logan (TBD)

These are fun events for P2P volunteers. We load up the tools and parts, get our little mobile shop set up and get bikes going. Not sure on dates yet, we’ll be figuring that out.