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My husband,Mike and I went to pick up a donation bike in the Valley on Monday. We expected the usual quick transaction – a quick hello, load up the bike, a quick goodbye. Then we met “Jenny”. She is a lean, flirtatious Jeunet Franche-Comte racing bicycle donated from an incredibly loving home. Her donor, Lewis, acquired her in the early 70’s and he was her second owner. Jenny was his main form of transportation for quite some time. With upcoming changes and moves, he realized he had to part with her. He said he found P2P online and felt that our intentions were genuine enough to donate – this is when we realized that this was not just our average pick-up – we were going to be moving very precious cargo. With much nostalgia and a hesitant heart, he said his goodbyes and watched us carefully pack her up to take to the shop. Lewis hopes that her next home will provide the same amount of care that she has had her whole lifetime.

It dawned on me then, that this will be the first bike of many donated, that have incredible stories and loving owners. Meeting Lewis and Jenny made me think of how important my bike is to me. I hate to get to sappy here – but – its true! There are all these great qualities that come with a bike – it isn’t just transportation. People talk about riding with words like liberating, meditative, free-ing, mobility, connectedness. When I talk about driving my car – at least on a day to day basis – I use words like – angry, furious, irritable, murder, inferno, among others…. An interesting difference in descriptors. It is easy to see how people and bikes become close friends. I suppose that we anthropomorphize many of our possessions – cars included – and some argue this is an immature quality. I have no intention of treating my bike like a piece of metal, however, and feel quite confident in naming her and describing her personality to others. And after meeting Jenny, I feel like my bike is due for some serious pampering!

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