Welcome New Board Member: Jeff Juel

JeffJuelJeff Juel recently joined Pedals2People Board of Directors in October. He has worked with conservation groups for 25 years, helping to preserve and restore public lands. He as also been a school psychologist and environmental activist. Jeff has lived in Spokane for over six years and enjoys many of the outdoor activities the region offers. He prefers riding bikes far more that commuting in cars, likes tinkering with bikes, and loves the feeling of freedom that riding provides.


Board Profile: Sara Stiles

Sara is serving her first term as Member at Large while living and working in Spokane. She grew up in Spokane, attended the University of Portland and returned to the Valley to work as an elementary school teacher. Passionate about her community, Sara spends her free time volunteering, attending local events, and supporting Spokane’s art and biking communities.

New P2P President

Annie first came to P2P four years ago when we were located at the east Sprague shop. Annie was prepping to do a bike tour at the time. She had questions. She came. She learned some things about her bike and P2P. Seems like things have come full circle, cycling back to our roots of education and outreach–passions for both Pedals and Annie.

Annie is a GU grad, bike lover, admin at North by Northwest and enthusiastic community supporter.

This also means we have a secretary position open – email us!

Volunteers, Time to Celebrate You!

Three cheers for our volunteers! Please join us for a celebration of YOU this Sunday afternoon at the former shop. We know it’s Labor Day Weekend, but what better reason to host a party than for the Labor of Love over the years?

Remember the pedals you replaced? The spokes you mended, the bikes you built? Bring them, too! Let’s see what YOU built, and let’s share a healthy future together.

Pedals Party Sunday, August 31st from Noon to 6 p.m. Food provided.

End of a Chapter but not the Book

R-Doug Porter

R-Doug Porter


Doug Porter is a long-time volunteer who started helping P2P in 2010 when we had a shop next to One World Cafe in the east Sprague neighborhood. He’s learned a lot over the years about bike mechanics and has seen a lot that has transpire over the years concerning bikes and the bike community.

He and Mosaic Fellowship recently bought the P2P-shop contents with the intention of opening a DIY bike shop next year. Thanks to Doug for helping us out and carrying on a self-service shop! However, this means that the shop won’t be open the rest of the month.

We’ll keep you posted with details on a wrap party, likely towards the end of the month…

Bike Parts for Your Next Coffee Table

Hub Garden


Calling all artists and crafts people!

These next three weeks will be tough to say goodbye to buckets of bike parts and accessories. We do celebrate creativity, so come by the shop to acquire metal for your next project.

Chain rings make nice coasters. Who’d of thought a bracket could be a candle stick?

Candle Coaster Parts








Cassettes = potential bookends… or chandeliers

Break out the glue gun. Photograph by Fred Gonzales, City of San Antonio Photographer

All bike parts are half off this weekend.

For more bike art inspiration, here’s local bike art press.


We Pedal Forward

It is time for Pedals2People to shift gears. 


Our mission requires that we focus on outreach. Since 2010, our volunteers provided time and resources to the self-service shop. We regret that the shop’s business became a drain on those resources more than a pipeline to the organization’s success. We’ll shift from a nuts and bolts business to mobile outreach. See us at free-bike tune-ups, come to our classes, and join in the satellite program to further empower the community.

We’ll be at the South Perry Fair Saturday, July 26th. The shop’s closure is not the end but the beginning of sharing the power of bikes and connecting others to fun, healthy lifestyles. We remain grateful to our volunteers  and will continue to build on their support.


Buckets of tools and our repaired bikes will be on sale now through the end of August

Parts and our repaired bikes will be on sale now through the end of August


Cheers to You!

Dear River City Brewery, friends, and bicycle enthusiasts, 

We know you love bikes. That’s why we love you.


Our fundraiser at River City Brewery on Monday, June 9th, couldn’t have been better.


Your root beers, IPAs, pale ales, stouts, and reds helped raise $305 to assist Pedals2People’s programs, which means more to empower you in the shop and in the community.


Thank you the ladies and gents who joined us on Monday!

140 pints (beer & root beer), 17 half-pints & 16 tasters = A Priceless Way to (Fun)draise with friends.

Gage, thank you for your generosity. Ben, thank you for helping Annie and Liza fix the Bianchi. We raise a glass to you both, our friends and supporters.

Pedal On.


Team Pedals2People

Buzzing for BumbleBar

Glen, co-founder of Bumblebar. photo John Speare

Glen, co-founder of Bumblebar. photo John Speare

I stopped by Bumblebar today and met Glen, co-founder of the company. Bumblebar’s mission involves doing the right thing for people and the planet, so we knew they’d be good fit for us and the street fair. P2P will be at the fair again this year, so we contacted this great local business about a donation. They got back to us right away and said yes they’d love to support us!  

Today I made the drive to Spokane Valley to pick up over 200 bars for distribution at the South Perry St Fair. Glen was happy to let me take a picture and chat for a while. He and his wife founded Bumblebar in 1995. When you go to their HQ in the industrial park, you can still see their original sign and logo.

Many thanks to Glen, Liz and Bumblebar for their support. Thanks for doing good work and giving back to the community.

Come see us at the street fair, learn about biking & bike maintenance, and get a “Delicious, Nutritious, Gluten Free, Ethically Sourced, Kid Approved, Vegan Approved, Organic Energy, Sesame Snack Bars!” YUM!