Volunteer Appreciation Jubilee

Are you volunteering at the South Perry Fair and Parade tomorrow? Have you volunteered in the past. Do you *want* to volunteer? Then come to the Pedals 2 People Volunteer Appreciation Jubilee. This Saturday the 21st at 5pm. E-Male jacque@pedals2people.org for directions.

Till later,

Saturday the 21st

Oy!  The shop will be closed this Saturday the 21st to support the South Perry Fair and Parade.

But wait!  There’s more!!!

We’ll be open this Friday!


Oh yea!  This Friday from 2pm till 6pm we’ll be open for business as usual.  Thanks to the very hard work of Lead Volunteers Tobias, Bo, Andrew, Jose and Dave.

More?  You want more?

Well then!  Here you go!

After the Fair and Parade there’s the Volunteer Appreciation Jubilee.  5pm Jacque’s house.  Details? Reservations?  Questions? Send him an e-mail at jacque@pedals2people.org

Even more questions?  Send us an e-mail.  p2p@pedals2people.org

Till later……