Signs of Spring

You know it’s spring when the Spokane Bike Club’s bikes get tuned up. They’re ready for use in District 81’s bike safety skills class. Michael Conelly of North Division Bikes, Liza Mattana of P2P and Charlie Greenwood were on hand to help! 30 bikes ready for 30 eager kids, nice.

Thanks to Sun People

Many thanks to Sun People Dry Goods for putting together a great class benefiting P2P! Paul Turner, John Speare, Eileen Hyatt, and Barb Chamberlain were in the house talking about everything a Spokane bike commuter could want to know about commuting in the city.

What a unique class, thanks to all who attended and made this event possible!

Free Tune-Up Day!!!!!! April 3rd, Noon O-clock.

That ‘s right Spokane, Pedals 2 People is opening our doors to the whole community this April with our first in-shop-free-tune-up-day. Wow, I’m excited already! All those kids getting their brakes fixed! Commuters having their shifting dialed to perfection! Free food!

This might get crazy, and I hope it does. Tell your friends, tell those in need.

yeah, that's me in my soccer gear circa 94... nosh nosh laugh laugh, oh dear.

Seriously though, this is an opportunity for pedals to be there for you. Through education and outreach we hope to make it easier for everyone to get out there and ride. The community of cyclists and the infrastructure for sustainable transportation is growing, and will not go away, as long as we support each other. After a rad year serving the community here at 1802 we want to get to the root of things. people to people. life to living.

Here are the details, we’d really love to see you there.

Sunday, April 3rd, Noon – 4pm.

Free Community Tune-Up @ the P2P DIY Bicycle Shop.

1802 e Sprague, at the corner of Pittsburg St.

Bring your bike! Free food!

Kids first, all are welcome.


what a rad day

a racing pro stopped in

and we buldged with excitement

then we got a new member

who learned to flop and chop

did i post this picture already?

and this sweet dude came in just to get a bike for is sister! (sister not pictured)

Saturday, March 26th

Workshop topics will cover traffic laws, riding on the road, finding your route, gear selection, and a discussion on just getting started. Speakers include Eileen Hyatt, Paul Turner, Barb Chamberlain, & John Speare. In addition, P2P will be on hand at the end of the workshop to go over flat repair and basic bike maintenance – so bring your bicycle!

All proceeds from this workshop will go to support P2P (the cost is $15), and you can register online through Brown Paper Tickets, or, come to the store (32 W 2nd Ave., on the NE corner of 2nd and Browne) and register today!

For more information contact Beth Mort at Sun People Dry Goods, 509.363.9378, or send her an email:

Radicality Today: Time, Hygiene, and Education

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brush your teeth, brush your teeth, brush your teeth until they're sparkeling! (thanks aunti iz)

registration formation

Pedals has two classes coming up in the month of April: Drive-train Maintenance and Wheel Building. Each will be rad. Check out the classes section for more information; but know this UBI! We’re into a liberatory education, and we have free twine!

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Radicality Today: Time, Bikes, and Food

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where is the yellow one from?

belly button lint

rugged crust of love devoured diminished delicious