Spring Break

Kids in Spokane schools will be on spring break till April 4th, and so will we. The shop will still be open, but our blog will be stagnant for a little while. Check back in a week for more content.

Enjoy the weather

Ride a lot

Watch out for kids on bikes

Great Article: DTE talks to P2P

DTE news visited the P2P shop earlier this year and took some great pictures and also wrote an article detailing who we are and what we’re doing. Check them out.

Bart and Paul are constantly in motion looking for cool sustainable projects and folks in Spokane, and we’re happy to be a group they were interested in talking to :,,)

Thanks guys!

Ladies Mechanics Classes Offered Again This May

Back by popular demand, our ladies classes will be offered again this May:

Tuesdays, May 4, 11, 18, 25

6:30–8:30 pm

Introductory, Mtn Brakes, Road Brakes, and Shifting/Derailleur classes

Each class will include discussion and a hands-on lab–a perfect opportunity to ask questions and cover mechanics in a relaxed and welcoming environment. Register online here! $10 discount if you register for the 4-class series.

Donate Your Old Bike

If you have a bike hanging around that is not in use, that clutters up your life, please consider donating it to us. It’s basically spring, and our refurbished bikes are selling like hotcakes, and we would really appreciate some more bicycles.

Bike donations are the foundation for teaching our volunteers by giving them something to overhaul and fine tune, and by allowing them to familiarize themselves with bicycles through stripping them down and organizing the parts into our used parts buckets.

Please, we could use a few good bikes. Read this list first, as we have very limited space and can’t accept all bike donations. Thanks!

Tall Bike

Well, it’s a tall-person bike: 68 cm Schwinn World for sale at the P2P shop. Come check it out if you are tall and are looking for a cool, retro road bike.

Thursday and Fridays 2-6, Saturday 11-6–1802 E Sprague

Google Maps Adds New Biking Layer

So awesome! Check it out and let Google know how to improve it and add things that are still missing. Luckily, they will listen, as evidenced by the addition of this feature ito Googlemaps in the first place, due to the feedback from 50,000 cyclists. Here’s some info from the Business and Tech section of the Seattle times:

The “Bicycling” layer coming to Google Maps isn’t a technological tour de force, but it looks like a fun and useful feature for cyclists, especially those visiting a new area and looking for places to ride. It’s also been the most requested addition to Google Maps, with an online petition calling for bike routes drawing more than 50,000 signatures.

Google worked with the national Rails to Trails Conservancy to add the group’s trail maps,combining them with publicly available bike-route information.

But the maps are still incomplete. Google hopes users will help fill in the gaps, suggest routes and make corrections using the “report a problem” feature.

“We really are thinking of all this data as a starter set,” said Shannon Guymon, project manager for driving directions and lead on the bike routes.

Maps display three tiers of bike routes — bike trails such as the Burke Gilman, dedicated bike lanes on streets and roads, and roads without bike lanes that are appropriate for biking.

Bidding Starts Today

Start your bidding!

Today is the first day of the silent auction for the New Belgium cruiser. A unique bike that’s perfect for the Centennial trail, FBC rides, or cruising around campus or your neighborhood. Bidding starts at $250. Come in to our shop and sign up on the silent auction sheet. The auction will end on April 9th. 1802 E Sprague–open Thu/Fri 2-6pm and Saturday 11-6.