New Belgium Bike and P2P Fundraiser

New Belgium donated one of their cool cruisers to P2P for our fundraising event coming up in April. Sweet!

I am told that the bikes are never sold. NB commisions a small number of them each year and they are given to employees after thier fiirst year of service or donated to charitable causes. It’s hard to find any pictures of the 2010 bike online, as they are sort of special. So if you want this bike, stay tuned. We’ll be auctioning it off soon.

And thanks to NB for helping us out!

Wheel Class

This is the last night of our wheelbuilding series. Tuesday and Wednesday everyone laced, tensioned, trued their wheels. Tons of info, and it was good to practice the same set of skills on a second and consecutive day. Tonight, they’ll go over repairing and diagnosing wheel. I’ll try to get some pics up from tonight’s class.

We’ll offer the wheelbuilding class again since it was such a hit. If you have other class suggestions, send me an email,.

Cash for Clunkers–Last Week!

This is the last week for you to get down to Two Wheel Transit to donate your old bike. This is a sweet deal for a few reasons:

  1. it gets that old bike out of your basement or garage. you get an early jump on spring cleaning so you can have more fun this rest of this winter and spring.
  2. you are working for a good cause. your bike will go to one of 2 local charities and will help further their missions of helping people and working towards a healthier and happier community.
  3. you receive a credit towards that new bike you’ve been thinking about but haven’t committed to buying yet. so, you’ll have money credited to your new purchase, plus room in your garage for your new wheels.
  4. what you give, multiplies. it comes back to you, bringing joy, gratitude, and deep appreciation from US! we love you.

Wheelbuilding–1 Opening

Feb 23-25 we will be offering a wheelbuilding class at our shop on east Sprague. There is still time to register. Just email me if you’re interested.

The class will be taught by local bike advocate John Speare and local framebuilder Glen Copus. If you’ve always wanted to figure out how wheels work, and how to build/repair them, take this class!

Car-Free Days This Summer

Did you hear the news or read the article in the paper today? Well, Spokane is giving bikes, pedestrains and other non-car-centered folks the right-of-way this summer. July 11 and August 22, on Howard from Riverfront Park to Corbin Park will be closed to motorized traffic. The effect will be a car-free utopia or maybe like a giant blockparty. Bring your stilts, hula hoops, bikes, rollerskates. Or walk your dogs, bring a frisbee to toss around, maybe do some tai chi in the street. What? Yes! Just come and show your support for this event this summer–Mark you calendars!

Link to a what this could look like.

Cash for Clunkers–Going Strong!

Cash for Clunkers is still going strong until the 15th of this month!

If you don’t know about this program, here it is in a nutshell:

  1. Bring your old bike to Two Wheel Transit downtown.
  2. They will evaluate it and determine its worth and what organization to donate it to. Since Two Wheel doesn’t sell used bikes, your old bike will either be donated to us or the the Union Gospel Mission.
  3. Two Wheel will give you a credit towards the purchase of a new Trek or Gary Fisher bicycle

If you already know about this Cash for Clunkers, let me add that this has been a great opportunity for us to further our mission of empowering people and building healthier communities. Bicycles, which are donated to us and get refurbished, are sold at a low-cost or on a sliding-scale for folks in need. Our bikes have helped people with mobility and health concerns. One client is looking forward to intergrating her bike into her life. She says it will help her stay clean and sober, lose a few pounds, and work off some stress. Bikes can change the world, one person and one ride at a time.

P2P Memberships

Pedals2People is a community-supported organization, and it’s through your patronage and volunteer help that our free-tune up events, classes, and self-service shop is made possible.

This year Pedals2People is offering two new ways for you to show your support: memberships and sponsorship. As a member, you can use our self-service shop with unlimited hours. It’s $50 and expires in a year. As a donor/sponsor, your $200 makes you a lifetime member of P2P. Your membership and shop-time never expires, and your name or business info is listed on the friends page of the P2P website. You also get a t-shirt :,,)

These awesome ways to keep the bike movement happening in Spokane and to support your local self-service bike shop and resource center. Please consider becoming a member or sponsor!

Ladies Night This Tuesday

If you’re a woman and you haven’t been in to see our new self-service bike shop and community resource center, please come and visit! This Tuesday the 9th from 7-9pm would be a great time to stop by. In fact, bring your bike too if you want to make some adjustments to it, lube your chain, and in general give your wheels some TLC.

John Gaz and I will be there to help out where needed. Even if you consider yourself bike illiterate, don’t let that stop you. Pedals2People is a resource center, and we’re here to help!