Annual Meeting Wrap Up

Meeting has a bad connotation in today’s world. When we think of the word, things like drudgery, boring, and waste-of-time probably come to mind, and that’s if you’re feeling generous. I taught for three years and all of us, teachers and administrators alike, gave a collective groan whenever we had meetings to attend. Committee meetings were the worst.

Last saturday at our annual meeting, there was no groaning. In fact, we laughed, did some push-ups, ate, and rode our bikes to check out the new shelving and workbench that Duane and Eric have masterfully built. We also worked through the details for the upcoming year. When things actually get done and you throw in a bit of fresh air,meetings aren’t so bad. Here’s what we all agreed to focus on for 2009:

*5 Free Bike Tune Ups–South Perry and West Central will be the same,but we’ll also go to the Sprague and Hillyard neighborhoods in ’09. More of these events will be pedal-powered since we’re no longer collecting bikes for Ghana.
*No more bikes abroad for now; we’re going to focus on the local community this coming year.
*Memberships for Do-It-Yourself (DIY) shop users. Details to come…
*Grants in the upcoming year, with possible funding for a paid part-time position.
*Grants to fund our two main projects: free tune ups & DIY shop.
*New shop opening this spring/summer in a central location.

Check out our “about p2p” link for our core values, priority projects, and guiding principles.