A really great ride

This morning I had a great ride to work. Nothing fancy, no crazy tricks, no landing jumps, no racing cars up hill, no in depth discussions with auto drivers about why I should or shouldn’t be riding on the sidewalk. Just a great, quiet ride with sprinkling rain. I don’t have fenders because lately they make me crash, so I got dirty – that part was also great. The weather was perfect, the gray sky was beautiful and it felt so good to be riding my bike. i love my bike. i guess this is a romantic, sappy post about nothing really, but i had to tell someone. I guess I had a honeymoon moment this morning. I have been commuting pretty religiously for awhile now but still feel like I am not yet a “hardcore commuter” (whatever that means) so I guess I ride around trying to be real serious most of the time – you know paying close attention to every side street, pothole, pedestrian – all those important things. But this morning on my ride,I mostly just thought. Thought about things and about the road and the rain,and whatever – it was great! I got to work completely relaxed and happy – hopefully I can carry this throught the rest of the day. Does anyone else have amazing regular ole rides like this?