OutSpokane Pride Parade: June 14th

This parade is special for P2P. This parade was sort of our official outing as an organization last year. I’m pretty sure it was our first official P2P event. And it was a huge success. I think we had about 25 cyclists show up get gussied up and ride. It’s a fun event.

You don’t have to be gay, lesbian, bi, transgendered to ride. I waxed philosophic on this event a while back.

We really want to blow the roof off the sucka this year with participation. I think doubling the number to 50 cyclists would be a huge success, but what if we could get 100?

Here’s how it works:

June 14th, Saturday.

9:00 AM: show up in the Civic Theater (Howard and Dean — across from the arena) parking lot to decorate your bike. You MUST bring some decorations to share with others. This is what makes it work. Crepe paper, streamers, colorful fabrics, whatever. Just find stuff in your house that’s colorful and can be taped and zip-tied to a bike. Tape, zip ties, and pipe cleaners are handy too.

10:30 AM: we move, en mass,through Riverfront Park,to the staging area on Post. Or Wall.

11-12: hang out and enjoy the entertainment. My favorite part of the parade last year was the hanging around before it started. There’s a ton of activity and craziness.

12: do the parade. Bring some candy or other goodies to toss out to the kids.

Speaking of kids: this is a family event.

Pictures of Pedals2People at last year’s OutSpokane parade.

Bike To Work Week

It’s BTW week. This morning’s breakfast in Riverfront Park was a huge success. At least 200 people on a cold, damp morning. As soon as we figure out what’s going on with pictures on our blog here, we’ll get some photos up.

Upcoming P2P BTW events:

— P2Pers will be roaming the streets looking for bike commuters. We’ll have a Bumble Bar to give away to each person we meet. And if they need minor adjustment/air or whatver, we’ll try to help.

Weds night at REI. 7pm. Dave Peckham, from Village Bike Project, will be showing a free screening of Ayamye. We’ll have a trailer there to take donated bikes.

— Friday afternoon: 4:30-6:30 — Steam Plant BTW wrap up party. P2P will not have an official deal at this event, but we’ll all be there enjoying a local beer from CdA brewing co.

Dig the new site

Thanks to Kathrine Horecny, a grad student at EWU for a great design and implementation of the new P2P website. It looks great. When you get work for free, you take what you can get when you can get it. In this case however, Kathrine delivered and delivered quickly. We’re so thrilled with the site. Thanks again Kathrine. And thanks to professors Mindy Breen and Anthony Flinn out at EWU for getting the P2P website project in the pipeline and helping us out.

An important part of the project was the blog integration work, so that the frist 250 characters of each blog post shows up on the home page and on the “blog” page of the site. This work was done by my friend Alex Wetmore, whose selfless generosity truly knows no bounds. He also hosts the Pedals2People site and blog, CyclingSpokane forum, and JohnDogFood.com on a server in his basement for me…not to mention bikelist.org, and many other sites. He does this all for free.