Ladies Night and Kids Bikes

For the love of all thing bikey!

Please, if you have a kid, know of anyone that has a kid, or was once a kid yourself come get one of these kids bikes. They’re free and it’s getting to the point we’ll have to throw them out.  And believe me you, it pains me terrrribly to throw out any bicycle.


Let’s make this a dual trip while we’re at it.    Ladies, come on by Friday for Ladies Night at the Shop.

If *I* was a gurl, I’d be there.

For the next 5 (yes we said 5!) Friday nights the shop is open only for ladies only.

Rather clueless as what may need done or how to do it?  That’s ok.  Erika of the P2P Board will be there working with our crack Shop Manager Jayce to guide you down the road.

We can absolutely promise that it isn’t as complicated as this.

We’ve the tools, the place and the expertise.  Just bring yourself, your bike and willingness to learn.

Um, this won’t be necessary. We’ll even supply some gloves and/or a place to wash.

And once you’re done leave with a kids bike.  Because even if you don’t have one, want one, know of anyone that has one, we know that you’re a kid at heart.


Till later,



Ladies Night at the P2P Shop

Fridays, 4 till 6

Free Kids Bikes

Do you have a “kid”? (Immature spouses/partners not included)

Does this aforementioned youngster need a bicycle?

We’ve got one for you!

Best of all it’s FREE!!!

Come on by the shop we’ll provide one.

Ladies Night at the P2P Shop

Hey, ladies! This Friday (October 26th), from 4-6, is our very first ladies’ open shop time! We’ll have a female volunteer/member there and our Lead Mechanic, Jayce, will be around to lend his expertise. Regular shop time fees apply and we have lots of used parts available to get your bike winter-ready as economically as possible.

Questions? Drop us a line at

Road Finds

So, you’re riding along.  And lo and behold you find _________________ (insert oh-so-cool awesome item) on the road.

Such things we’ll call a Road Find. I find it astonishing that Wikipedia  doesn’t have a definition for that.

What have you found?

A search on Cycling Spokane found such items a tires, wrenches, watering systems and socks.

If you’ve found some pretty cool or mentionable stuff throw an e-mail over to Hank at

Hank is a contributing writer for Out There Monthly  and is looking for some information for an upcoming story.

That is all

Till later,

Jacque – Out