South Perry Fair Parade & JUBILEE

Saturday July 21st we need your help at the South Perry Parade & Fair free tune-up station.

We’ll be hauling equipment from 8 – 8:30.

Tuning bikes up from 9:00 – 2:00.

Hauling equipment back to the shop around 2:30.

Can you help for a 2 or 3  hour shift? Tons of awesome stuff to do and thankful riders to help.

Email for more information or to sign up.

ALSO, RSVP for the Volunteer Jubilee with

This is a great chance to hear what’s been going on with P2P over the past 12 months,  get a forecast of where we are headed, and get yourself involved.

See you there!

E-Mail Change

Hey!   It’s time to update your contacts.

We’ve a new e-mail address. It’s

If you send an e-mail to the gmail account we’ll still receive it but the response will come from the new address.

Questions?  Send us an e-mail.


Annual Meeting and Volunteer Appreciation Jubilee

You may have grown up in a shotgun shanty in the south or a one-room shack in the wind swept plains with Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Jack, 3 chickens, a goat and a wombat. They went hungry while putting you through college or bailing you out of jail.

Now is the chance to make them proud.  Attend the Annual Meeting and Volunteer Appreciation Jubilee.

You’ve been volunteering with us for a while now.  Or maybe you just jumped onto this bicycle driven wagon.  No matter.  We appreciate your help.  We really, really do.

Come on over to Jacque’s house (um, it’s pronounced Jack) on Saturday July 21st at 4pm.  There will be a short meeting then the celebrations will begin.

Bring some food to share and laughter to keep to yourself (though we’d prefer you share that too).

Send an e-mail to jacque . hendrix @ with the number of people that’ll be attending.

Till later,

Jacque – Out


Yard Sale

Chances are, if you’re reading this blog you may not need a bicycle.

But maybe you know someone that needs one.

Maybe you’re tired of your silly little multi-thousand dollared bicycle, don’t want to donate it to us (dirty rat!) but really want to try out the STP on a more “challenging” model.

Well have we got a deal for you!

Saturday! Saturday! Saturday!

10am till 7pm is the 25th annual (really it’s our first, but 25 is a way cooler number) Pedals2People yard sale.

Bikes! $10 and up.  Jerseys $5.  Locking cables.  Racks for your car.

If it has to do with a bicycle or is a bicycle we’ll have it and we’ll sell it.

This ain’t your Grandma’s estate sale baby!  No used toasters or old furniture here.  Just bicycles  and related stuff.

This is a fund raiser that directly benefits Pedals2People.

Saturday, June 16th.  10am to 7pm at the shop.  16th and Helena.

Till later,

Jacque – Out

Some Say 42 Is “The” Number

We say it’s 21.  July 21 to be exact.

It’s 21, don’t suck your thumb.  Just come.

Where you say?   P2P to play.

It’s the Annual Meeting and Volunteer Appreciation Jubilee

One short hour of business.

4 (or more) of fun.

Games, food, adult beverages (for adults)

When?  Saturday July 21st

When?  Meeting from 4pm to 5pm, Party and Play 5pm to – ?

Where?  Jacque’s (Jack’s) House.  Affectionately called the Forever (and a day) House.

Yes, we know you really, really want to come and especially share that yummy dish.

Just send an e-mail to Jacque . Hendrix @ with how many are attending, what you’d like to bring to the pot-luck and he’ll/me’ll/I’ll respond with the address and directions.

Till later,

Jacque – Out