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You could be *this* happy!

We’re looking to do a one-night wheel building class sometime during the first week of in mid-April. We need 4 more people.

More information on the class is here. Please read this info before signing up.

But in a nutshell, it’s $25. You must buy wheel bits though to build up. Here are some example wheel prices. These are for rear wheels. Just as examples.

The budget do-all build:

Sun cr-18 rim: $28
wheelmaster straight gauge spokes, brass nipples: $20
deore LX or Tiagra rear hub: $45
total: $93

The slightly fancier, lighter build:

velocity synergy rim:$68
14/15 butted DT Competition, silver alloy nipples: $50
105 hub: $62
total: $180

The cheap bling fixed gear build:

velocity deep v colored/bling rim: $80
wheelmaster 14 gauge black spokes: $25
origin 8 black track/freewheel hub: $45
total: $150

Send us an email if you’re interested.

Once, when asked his opinion on organizational capacity, John Henry responded by indicating that he could build us a shelf for that.

studded tires are the greenhouses of cycling, grow your veggies early.

Chain: Guarded

In the wake of financial catastrophe, a multi-million dollar public works project has allowed us to erect a convenient system of symbols, or signs,  indicating the location and quality of our services.

Now that you can find us so easily it must be mentioned; we can only help you fix half your bike.

Well, we did that already, but I found a nice roll on the road today. So come in to tune your bike and get some free one inch strips! (or in smaller widths too, we have scissors.)


622X38mm tires on a hand built coastie

when the sun COASTS out, this bike will warm our collective souls