P2P Upcoming Events

tomorrow, it’ll be May and that means bike to work (BTW) month–whoo-hoo!

in celebration of bikes, and commuting, and springtime, and all things right and good in this world (getting a little carried away i guess), we’re taking part in some cool events.

  • Monday, May 12th, 7-9 am: P2P will be in riverfront park near the carousel helping to fix bikes for BTW commuters. there will also be a pancake breakfast, so come get some fuel, and then ride to work.
  • Wednesday, May 14th, 7pm: REI will be host a ffree showing of Ayamye,the Village Bicycle Project’s powerful documentary about their efforts to bring affordable,reliable transportation to people in ghana, africa. David Peckham will be there to answer questions and discuss his experiences in ghana. please come to the showing upstairs in the clinic room. 1125 N Monroe.
  • Wednesday, May 14th, 6:30-8:30pm: we will be collecting bikes for the Village Bicycle Project, if you have an old bike collecting dust somewhere, please bring it REI on May 14th so it can go to a good home. we’re only accepting adult bikes in repairable condition. here’s some info on acceptable bikes.

Success: West Central Bike Tune Up

The P2P mobile bike shop was at AM Cannon on Saturday for the West Central Neighbor Days doing Free Bike Tune-Ups. I wasn’t there, but it sounded like a success. We fixed up about 40 bikes and even got a few donations.

The volunteers: Stuart, Mike, Ben, Beth, Noah, Hank, Jeff, and Charlie.

Mr FBC blogged about here. And Mr Gigowiz blogged on it here.

Hank took a bunch of pics. I put a few here.

This is the first free bike tune-up that I was not at. We were also missing Ken and Liza.

As we build this organization, it’s stuff like this that is really satisfying — to pull off a good event like this while a core chunk of our volunteers are away — and still have it be a success.

Next up. BTW week in mid-May. We need to schedule out our June and July Free Bike Tune-Ups too.

You can see our other up-coming events at our projects page.

Good Weekend

(Photos: Michael Conely)

This was banner weekend for P2P.

On Saturday, our superhero volunteer Ken masterminded a garage sale. I doubted him. I shall never doubt again. We started with about 20 bikes: all of them single speeds or 3-speeds. Over the last couple weeks our volunteers have been learning how to clean and repack bearings on these bikes. Therefore, most of the adult bikes had fresh bottom brackets, hubs, and headsets. Our garage sale opened at 10 am. By 10:30, all but 3 or 4 of the bikes were gone. Crazy.

(photos: Superhero)

Sunday, we had the Paris-Roubaix celebration. It was crazy wonderful. We absolutely packed Benniditos to the gills. There were many bikes and many bike people. It was really great. I also got to have my first beer since New Year’s Eve. That was really great too.

Klay took some nice pics and posted them here. She also posted some of Micheal Conely’s pics here.

(crappy phone photos: John)

I don’t know what we ended up raising for the Paris-Roubaix thing yet, but between the two, I think we’ll come out with a good chunk of change.

This will go straight to our 501(c)(3) fund. In fact, Liza officially registered P2P’s articles of incorporation with the State of WA today. Next step: hand over our huge pile of 1023 paperwork to our lawyers. If all goes well we should have it off to the IRS by mid-May.

Spring Cleaning Garage Sale: This Sat

We’re having a quick garage sale this Saturday.

When: Sat, April 19th
Time: from 10 am to 2 PM
Where: at our donated garage space on the south hill. The detached garage is located in the alley behind the house at 4218 S Garfield.

PLEASE – Don’t go knocking on the door of the house. Go through the alley between Scott and Garfield: this is a donated space. We don’t want to disturb the owners of the house.


We have a bunch of vintage single speed, 3-speed, and kid bikes (think ape-hangers and banana seats) that we need to clear out. None of these are super sweet collectors, but they’re great for tooling around the neighborhood and cruising the Centennial Trail.

On many of the adult bikes, and a few of the kid bikes, we’ve cleaned and repacked the bottom brackets, headsets, and hubs.

All bikes sold as-is.

Our goal is to get you riding, so we’re selling these cheap: $5-$40. And half-price on most at 1pm. All offers considered. Cash only.

Rain or shine we’ll be there at 10 AM.

Please don’t show up early. There is no ebay fodder here.

P2P Presentation at REI this Sunday

pedals2people will do a short presentation at REI this sunday at 12: your basic slide show in power point format. don’t worry. i’ll keep it short and sweet. i’ll give some dates for our upcoming events, like the P2P annual yard sale where we’ll be selling some surplus parts and bikes. i’ll also have patches for sale. they’re pretty cool.

REI will host a ride at 11am through Riverfront and down the trail, and there are lots of other presentations scheduled for this sunday’s Cycle Fest.

if you’re on your bike cruising around in the predicted 65 degree weather (wow!), stop by for a free bike check-up.

*art credit to andy singer*

April 20th: Take a ride to Benniditos Pizza South

(Go here to open pdf/printable version of this picture in a new window. Print a flyer and hang one in your neighborhood!)

This is an idea we’ve been thinking about for a while: how do we get a bunch of cyclists to go and hang out on a Sunday afternoon.

The idea struck when Taylor posted a YouTube video of Paris-Roubaix 1986 finish at the EPM blog.

While we’re not big race fans, the idea of Paris-Roubaix has always had a draw: it’s a one-day race along the cobblestone back roads of France. It’s a brutal race. Something like 135 cyclists started the race last year and around 40 ended up finishing. It’s often muddy, lots of flat tires, and the finish is always exciting.

Chris, up at Benniditos, has agreed to show this race for us on his fancy new big TVs on April 20th, when the race airs.

The idea is to get as many people on bikes to Benniditos as we can. The pizza, beer, and race is a generic draw to get cyclist there. But really, we’re looking forward to hanging out with the wide variety of bike folks that we run into. Think of it as a Bike Summit.

There’s no cover charge or any fee. Just order lots of beer and pizza and if Chris does well, he’ll donate a chunk to P2P.

You are encouraged to gather your friends and take a ride along some cobble stone (from downtown, take Jefferson,then Adams up the south hill to meet this requirement) and be at Benniditos by 1PM.

When that’s done,go home and take a nap, or save some energy for the monthly FBC ride, which is also happening on April 20th.

A great bike day through and through.