Is this your bike?

This bike was locked up a couple doors down from 2 Wheel Transit.

If this is your bike, we want you to ride with us in this year’s Pride Parade. Or let us borrow your bike.

If this isn’t your bike, but you like the idea of dressing up and dressing up your bike and then riding it with a bunch of other dressed up people then perhaps you should plan on riding with us in the Pride Parade. The point of the Pride Parade is to celebrate and recognize the fact that our community, like all communities, includes gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgendered people. As a class, this community has traditionally been pushed out of mainstream culture, and at worse, it has been the target of violence. The Pride Parade is a place to stand up publicly against the shame of the past, recognize the contributions of all people in our community today, and embrace the potential of the future,where all folks — regardless of sexual orientation — are treated with respect and fairness in all the workings of our society.

We had about 25 riders last year. We’d like to see at least 50 this year. Dare we shoot for 75?

The parade is in June. No date has been published for this year,but last year it was the first Saturday in June. Watch the OutSpokane site for more details and start looking now for finery to hang off your bike.